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Series & County Scroll Winners and How it Works
LA Championship Triathlon Series Winners & County Scrolls      

   Series winners of each Championship division age group will receive a unique County of Los Angeles Scroll. Each Scroll includes the Seal from the County of Los Angeles and is personally signed by the Supervisor from the County of LA. This is a very prestigious award and in the words of a previous age group winner,  "The Scroll is an award like no other".
The Los Angeles Championship & Tri Express Series
    County Scrolls and how it works:

   Only the Top Top Overall Male and Female Winners with the lowest combined time in the Championship Triathlon Category in the Series receive complimentary entries for the Life, offered by Tri Events, Inc. owned and operated by The Tri Events Family.
    The LA County Scrolls go to the participants that raced in All Three of the LA Tri Series races and have the lowest combined time for their division. The Scrolls are awarded to both a Male and a Female in the Championship Category. Scrolls are also awarded to the lowest combined time for The Top Top of the Overall Male and Female in The Tri Express Category.  The Tri Express Category in not eligible for free entries.
       A Beautiful Scroll will be mailed out to all of these winners.  We wait one week to verify any discrepancies from the time this notice is posted. We then send the results to the County of Los Angeles where the Supervisor Kathryn Barger 5th District has them made up and personally sign for us to give them to you.  That takes approximately three months. (Around September)

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