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Club & Vendor Expo Information
Tri Events Club – Vendor Rules and Regulations
The Tri Events Expos Club an Vendor space are intended for triathlon running cycling swimming or other sport clubs and organizations connect with the public in an attempt to increase the knowledge and participation with their sport or hoppy.  The Clubs are encouraged to use promotional materials they see as appropriate and in good taste to enhance their image and bolster their membership.
Due to the request of Frank G Bonelli Park, Promo Vendors and Clubs must park directly behind their tent or other area they should choose, not on service roads in which a resucue vihelcle may be hindered for through passage. 
Club Info:  There are no expo fees.  However we ask that you have a raffle give away for a free entry to a clinic, training maybe even a race kit. etc. honored by your club in the value of at least 200.00. If you want to donate dollars we will use if for purchasing the fruit and or the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the event you are attending.  Must post our race on your Social Media. Tent space will be assigned to a designated location.  The park wishes that you park directly behind your tent or area. Your area is to be requested ahead of the race. If you have tear drops there may be no more than 2 at the finish line.  The rest should stay next to your area or tent to entice new comers to join your club. Clubs will provide their own tables and tents.  Clubs can bring food and serve it, they can use the barbecue’s by the park anytime provided anytime that are manned constantly.  No catering allowed per the park.    
Vendor Info: There are no Vendor Fees.  However we ask that you for every 10 x10 foot tent space you donate the value of at least 120.00 per tent for raffle give away to be passed out during the award ceremony time. Vendors/Sponsors may put banners tear drops at the finish line. You are highly encouraged to promote your business.  Be in the finish line photos!
Space is limited so respond to your invitation as soon as possible. If don’t receive an  invitation  please reach out to, we will quickly get back to you.  
Parking for Vendors & Clubs:  You must request a space in the expo era prior to the event. You will be put on a list to get in for free with your vehicle that is being parked in the expo area.  All friends and members associated with clubs and vendors will get in the same line as the participants and pay the 10.00 parking fee.  You must be the vehicle that has the supplies for tent set up.
Trash Removal: All Clubs & Venders are responsible for removing and properly disposing of any and all trash in and around the assigned booth space. The park provides trash cans all around the area.
Tri Events is not responsible for any left behind belongings.


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