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TriEvents Race Deferral Form

How to Defer from a Race

Fill in this form and select the race(s) you are currently registered for and wish to defer FROM
Pay a $20 admin fee (plus handling) per event. This covers our hard costs for the event(s).

Within 72 hours, you will be sent an email that says you have been given credit dollars for the registration money that you have already paid.
These credit dollars are good for one year and can be used for any upcoming Tri Events Race(s).

When you go to register for another event, the credit dollars will be deleted from the total you owe for registration. You must use the same email address that you originally registered with. Your credit is tied to your email account. If you want to transfer to another person, please enter the email of the person that will receive your credit.

Important Notes:

You will be given full credit for what you paid towards the event you cannot participate in AND you will need to pay the CURRENT price of any event you want to do instead.

You must request your deferral PRIOR to the event you are deferring FROM.

The credit you are given does not include any USAT membership or license purchases.

It can take up to 72 hours before you get your credit. Please wait until you get the credit email before you register for a new event.

You cannot defer from a race you register for using a comp. code or deferral credit In order to defer, You must have directly paid trievents for the event registration - voucher, codes, deferrals are not eligible . Due to the administrative costs of doing a deferral, If you pay the $20.00 to defer your registration and it is not eligible to defer, as explained above, will not be refunded.

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