Race Instructions | 2019 LA Championship & Tri Express Triathlon Series #2

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04/14/2019 @ 8am
2019 LA Championship & Tri Express Triathlon Series #2
Sprint, Olympic Triathlon
San Dimas, CA
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Race Instructions
37TH  Annual Los Angeles
CHAMPIONSHIP & TRI EXPRESS Triathlon Series Event #2
APRIL 14, 2019
                                                                 We know it's a lot to read but PLEASE READ!
You are responsable for your timing chip.  Make sure it is secured on your ankle.  Tuck it under you wesuit if your wearing one.
SAFTEY ISSUE & BIKE COURSE COURTESY It is very important while racing on the bike course that there is NO BLOCKING or DRAFTING. Slower riders MUST stay to the right so passing can be made on the left. If you need to pass a cyclist, yell out passing on you Left LOUDLY!.   -If you are being passed..  Be courteous and let the cyclist pass.  It’s not worth an argument or accident. Head phones are never allowed. Once parked and heading to the registration table and bike transition it is advised for you to wear your helmet.

THANK YOU for participating in this event! This event is on the South Side of Bonelli Park, 120 Via Verde Park Road, San Dimas, CA 91773.  Located at the Via Verde exit from the 57 fwy. The Park charges a parking fee of $10.00 so share rides if practicable. (There is a Park & Ride at the 57 fwy @ Via Verde).  The Park opens at 6:00 AM. Registration & Packet Pick up opens at 6:30 AM and the First Swim wave is at 8:00 AM.  The water temperature at this time of year is usually 68° degrees ish.  The weather forecast is predicted to be 85° degrees.  Extended Weather Report
Championship Map                                          Tri Express Map      
         SWIM 1K - BIKE 34.61K  - RUN 9.6K                                SWIM 300M - BIKE 23.3K - RUN 5K
         (3 Bike Laps around the Dam)                          (1 Bike Laps around the Dam)

Pre Registered Packet Pick-Up:
Important:  If you have a USAT Card Please have it with you.  Also YOU MUST HAVE in your possession a government issued photo ID such as a driver’s license. NO ID, NO PACKET.  These are USAT standards.
If you are 17 and under you must have a parent or legal guardian with you.
When you arrive at the park and are ready to pick up your packet, and you have pre-registered you may get in any Pre registration line.  If you registered offline (not via Race Reach), you must provide us a signed USAT waiver.  You may find these waivers at the
USAT table to the left of registration.

NOTE: If you are preregistered offline for Sponsorship, Overall Series Winner, Raffle Winner Rollover, Etc. You Must, Must, still sign a waiver.
Race Day Registration packet  pickup:
Important  Please: have in your possession a government issued photo ID such as a driver’s license. If you do not already possess a USAT Membership, you must first go to the USAT table and purchase either a One-day or an Annual Membership. FYI- Prior to the race. for an Annual license, it is faster for you to get it if you go to USA Triathlon  to obtain one. Just bring your receipt of purchase the day of the race.  Only when you have in your possession or proof of a USAT Membership may you get your packet for the event. We charge a race day reg. fee of 20.00.
ALL Participants:  Please & Thanks, when registering, take note of your information that it is all correct. ie category, division, gender, B-day, It makes the finish results accurate and faster to get out. 
ALL Participants: At registration you will receive your bib#, bike & helmet#, goody bag, T Shirt & Swim cap. (swim cap color indicates your wave start) & timing chip already activated. You can know take your bike into the transition area after checking in, located east of registration.   Pick a spot on the racks provided for your bike and gear.  First-timers should not hesitate to ask for assistance. After the race, make sure to secure your bike and gear in your vehicle and enjoy the post-race activities.
TAKE NOTE: You will be STOPPED! Entering into the bike transition.  Race support will be marking your bodies with numbers matching your bib# & bike tag & helmet#. This is definitely for the protection of your bike. When the race is over you will have to show all 4. Thanks for your cooperation these are fellow triathletes volunteering for you!  RE: Can’t emphasize this enough. When exiting the transition after the race is over please show your bib#, bike & helmet#, and your body#. Fellow athletes have asked for this safety precaution. Family & friends are NOT allowed in the transition at any time during & after the race. 
SWIM: Wetsuits are recommended and accepted at our event.  You are responsible for starting in your correct wave.  Re: Your swim cap color will indicate your wave start.  There will be several lifeguards on paddle boards; there will also be a rescue boat. Do not short-cut the buoys or you will be disqualified by the lifeguards.  At the end of the swim there will be an approx. 75 yard stretch of run to the bike transition area. 
* For the Tri Express swim Distance All buoys (green) will be on your left shoulder.
* For the Championship swim Distance The first buoy is (Orange) your left shoulder is on the left of it. Then  (Yellow) Buoys will be on the left shoulder as well except for the last  Buoy at swim exit.  please swim to the right of the last buoy closest to shore.

Helmets are mandatory for all Cycling participants. Your helmet must be on with the chin strap fastened at all times while you are on the bike. Also for the safety of all participants head phones are not permitted at any time during the race. If you ride your bike from your car to the registration table.  It is a good idea but not mandatroy to have your helmet on. 

BIKE COURSE: Cyclists must WALK their bikes through the transition area and over the chip timing mats. Splits will be recorded at the bike out and bike in.  The Bike course Route is the same for both Championship & Tri Express. The distance is different.  The Championship distance is (3 Laps) and the Tri Express distance is (1 Lap) over the Dam). There are uniformed Sheriff Officers on the course directing traffic. Course Marshals on motorcycles will be there to ensure that you stay to the right when not passing.  Drafting is not permitted and you are on your honor to not do it.  Flagrant drafting will result in disqualification. Please note that the bike course (for April 14th ) goes over the dam off of Raging Waters Drive. For Slower cyclists PLEASE PLEASE stay to the right so the faster cyclist can pass you.  If you are passing please yell out stay your course, So hopefully they will, so you can pass safely!  Cyclists must WALK their bikes through the transition area and over the chip timing mats. Splits will be recorded at the bike out and bike in NOTE: Flaggers announcing & Signs posted for Bike In:  This is for directional proposes.  Championship participants must keep track of their (3) Laps! No Excuses!
IMPORTANT!!!  When returning back to the transition area it is extremely important that you slow down opon approach.   This is for your safety & others.    We will have course personnel warning cyclists to slow down.
RUN COURSE: The Run course starts the same for both distances but separates at the Tri Express turnaround. Championship  (9.6K) & Tri Express (5K). Take note that the Run course makes a left, crossing East Shore Drive .approx. 1 mile from leaving the Bike Transition area. This will be at a water startion. For both categories the turnarounds are clockwise.
Championship run: At the
Tri Express turnaround the Championship race continues on up the service road and race's through the RV Park staying on the left hand side. Continue traveling to the east end of RV Park making a left at the water station into the "jungle" where you will run all the way to the stream but do not cross it. Turn around clockwise. Continue on out onto the Mckingly Service road.  Bracket Airport is on your left. Continue to the turnaround following the orange arrows on the ground. Head back through the RV park. Once on the service road pass the Tri Express turnaround continue to East Shore Drive making a left going back onto the service road and onto the finishing line.
Tri Express run:  After the
Express run turnaround point you will cross again East Shore Drive (at the water stationand) making a left going back onto the service road and towards Picnic Valley to the finish line. Yeah!  Please review the map of the course. 
RELAY INSTRUCTIONS:  All members of each relay team must pick up their packets together. There will only be ONE timing chip per team, acting as your Baton. Rack your bike in the relay exchange area that is in the North end of the transition area. Each member stays with the Bike unless out on the course during their discipline. The swimmer will cross the timing mat and hand the baton to the cyclist at the racks who will then walk with the bike through the transition area to the mount line at the bike exit. When the biker finishes the bike course he or she hands the baton to the runner in the exchange area, again at the North end of the transition area and the runner proceeds with the run and on to the finish line yeah!
CHIP TIMING/RESULTS: There will be chip timing at the swim finish, bike finish and finish line. Un-official finish results will be posted on bulletin boards near the finish line during the awards ceremony. Official Results are posted to USAT 10 Days after the race
USA Triathlon. USAT RULES  Your Age is Determined by how old you are by Dec 31st 2018.

Velofix will be providing technical support in the transition area
Incycle Cyclery in San Dimas rents bikes and they are  located at 561 W. Arrow Hwy. San Dimas, CA 91773.  Phone: (909)-592-2181.
FOLLOWING THE RACE: There will be refreshments, an exposition of many of our sponsors, an award ceremony, and a raffle. Stick around and Enjoy!
VOLUNTEERS: Boy Scout troop 419 of La Verne will assist with the water stations on the run course. There will be many other volunteers for registration, transition areas, finish line, and along the course. PLEASE THANK THEM for their help whenever you can. They are at the race for you!
RESTROOMS: Are located near the registration area, near the transition area/ swim beach, and along the run course.
SPONSORS:  We are very pleased to have many new product sponsors this year. Please visit
www.trievents.com to learn about these sponsors and please please please support them as they support you!
Accommodations: Best Western in San Dimas is our host hotel... They are located at 501 W. Bonita Ave, Sam Dimas. Call 909-592-0500 and ask for Maudie and specify the special ‘Tri Events’ rate.

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