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3/15/2020 8am - online reg. close 3/13 9pm, race day reg. onsite

2020 LA Championship & Tri Express Triathlon Series #1

Triathlon, Aquabike, Duathlon, Relays, Parent/Child Tri, 5K & 8K Run

Bonelli Park, San Dimas CA
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Wave Starts
                 WAVE STARTS                                                   TIME    CAP COLORS      
                          All are 5 Year Age Groups Unless Noted
1.  CHAMPIONSHIP:    Elite Men.                                      8:00            WHITE
      Men Age Groups (20-24 THRU 40-44) NO CLYESDALE          
2.  CHAMPIONSHIP: All other Men.                                  8:06           YELLOW
     Age groups 15-19 THEN Age groups 45+Years Age groups
     Championship Relays, Championship Clydesdale
    *Championship Mixed Relays*                                                                          
3.  CHAMPIONSHIP:  Elite Women.                                    8:12            PINK   
     All Champion Women 15-19 THRU Age Groups 20+Years                                                                          
     Championship Athena, Championship Women Relays.      
4.   TRI EXPRESS:  All Men Age Groups.                           8:20          GREEN
       Includes: 19 & Under Male, Express Clydesdale,
       All Parent & Child, Express Mixed Relays*  
       Express Men’s Relay, Express Men’s Mountain Bike
5.  TRI EXPRESS:  All Women Age Groups.                       8:26         PURPLE  
      Includes: (11-12) (13-14) (15-19) Women, Express Athena,
     Express All Woman’s Relays, Woman Mountain Bike
     ALSO INCLUDES:     SO CAL YOUTH TRI SERIES:                                   
     AGES (11-12) (13-14) Male & Female        
     Only choose this wave start if you are signed up with SO CAL YOUTH          
6.   TRI EXPRESS:    SO CAL YOUTH TRI SERIES:              8:31            RED
       AGES (7-8)  (9-10)  Male & Female


Wave Starts are an Estimate
LIFE GUARDS  Determine Execution                          
                              BE SAFE * GOOOD LUCK * HAVE FUN                                           

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